Of This and Some of That

Who knows what she'll say next? Seriously...anyone?

4 February
I'm a conservative, Southern girl with a mom and a dad and a sister with a boyfriend and a brother who moved out and another half brother who moved out. I'm in community college. I like chocolate, I have low tolerance of people, but I like them anyway (That would be a Fanny Dooley). I really could go on forever about any number of things, really, and you'd be here reading a day and a half past forever, but I'll spare you the recounting of 'When I opened my eyes this morning...'

Have questions? Will answer.

I have fandom interests mostly in Avatar:tLA. I like coming up with different crack!pairings. But I'm mostly into the canon ships. I also like X:Men Evo, but most all of those are exclusively posted on my FF page.
I love writing stories. Below is a link to one. Just click the pic.