Fic: legacies

Title: Legacies
Summary: Tea-making is an inherent trait in Zuko's line. Tea-loving is a Beifong one.
Character: Lin, Iroh

"I've heard you've had a rough couple of days."

Iroh turned to see Lin regarding him casually. He smiled at her, able to see that she was bone-tired, but this was Toph Beifong's daughter; unless you knew, you wouldn't see it past all the stoic.

"And I've heard you have had a rough couple of months. Next time, don't wait so long to call."

Uninvited but not unwelcome, Lin wandered into the room and sat down across from him.

"I didn't call you this time. If it'd been up to me -"

" - then you would have done the smart thing and called yourself."

Lin rolled her eyes and muttered something like 'know-it-all'. 

"Would you like some tea?" he asked.

She shrugged, completely straight-faced. "If it's no trouble..."

Iroh stood to make it because he knew that the rest of that sentence was, "even if it is, do it anyway." One characteristic Toph had forever lacked that Lin mastered was the art of subtlety and what she left unsaid.

"Tell me, general," Lin said once she held a steaming cup of honey-ginger tea in her hands. "Will you open a tea shop when you retire?"

"Depends whether you beat me to it or re-join the police force."

Instead of answer, she sipped her tea.

"Unless things are different than I remember, bending isn't strictly required to be a cop. Bumi would be the first to tell you that not being a bender isn't the end of the world."

Lin snorted inelegantly and incredulously.

"I could go get him to tell you him -"

"Sit. Down," the ex-chief commanded the general who'd half-risen from his chair.

Smirking, he did. She shot him an exasperated look. He cooled his tea slightly before taking a drink.

"So how is Honora?"

One characteristic Toph had definitely given her daughter was her gift of abruptness and deliberate subject changes.

"Mother is well. She has complained that you haven't visited in too long, and none of the courtiers can hold their whiskey quite as well. In fact, the last time I saw her, I was ordered on behalf of the Crown to ensure your promise to visit."

"You have it. After we see Katara, my next destination will be the Caldera."


    Piandao writing

    Let's do a meme

    I want to write stories for my story about AU vigilante Amon. First one here, second following piece here. If you don't want to prompt to write for that, it's fine, but Tarrlok and Noatok would be preferred. 
    List three, and I'll do at least one.

    Warning: it will probably take me forever and a day to fill these.


    The uses of bloodbending:
    Body manipulation/puppetry
    Chi suppression 

    What else can it do? Blood is the life and essence of things, and apparently is somehow corralational to the body's chi system. (not sure how b/c that wasn't as important as making sure Makorra happened at the expense of all respect for Mako other than eye candy. Whatever) If the blood can block the pathways to disable bending beyond even what the most skilled waterbending master in the world can reverse, could the opposite be done? Could Amon have opened these 'pathways' and 'given' people bending? 
    Medical healing. The antibodies in the human body circulate in the blood; if powerful enough, could a bloodbender manipulate these? Likely not since these are mediated by cytokines, and not water, which is in the blood which the bender manipulates. The cytokines are proteins, therefore not effected, but they can be stimulated by antigens. At present, I see no way to reconcile manipulating the immune system with bloodbending(darn it).
    What about plain waterbending healing? Well, I don't know; that was never explained either (like one minute Katara's in the healing hut then she's throwing down with Pakku and then she's healing Aang's lighting strike. Not to hate on her skills but the flip does that work?) I think the idea is that it mends and soothes or something like that: very mystical and wishy-washy. If it was actually bloodbending, I could understand that better or at least the concept, but the actual application doesn't work. Healing of skin is through mitosis, and chemicals sending signals in the body and tissue mending and freaking fibroblasts; I don't understand how waterbending would heal that.
    But with bloodbending, if the injury were a cut or something like that, I can see a practical actual application, with the blood flow and clotting and staving off infection.

    So how does healing by blood/waterbending actually work, even in theory? Thoughts?

    AU Idea

    Because it's nigh impossible to locate a past prompt on norsekink but that's where this idea came from:

    Loki did all of that stuff to Earth in the Avengers (Tessarect, army) in order to save someone the Chitauri had: Sigyn, one of their slaves whom he'd grown to ...'care' for. He actually did enjoy blowing up the world and killing poeple, but that's because he's a little psychotic. Most of it was simply playing the part.

    At the end when the Chitauri bring her through to him, he enacts his final end game, blows up their ships with some nifty, convenient magic ("That was pretty deux es machina." "Well, you know what they say about Asgardians"), then he takes them both somewhere.

    fic: a glimpse behind the mask

    Title: a glimpse behind the mask
    Summary: In the most abstract way, Amon is Batman, and Tarrlok is the most begrudging Alfred ever. Vigilante!Amon AU. Follows the man with no face
    Word: 907
    Character: Tarrlok, Noatok

    Shirt on his lap, Noatok sat on a barstool, fingering singed and torn holes as his brother healed the burns and bruises across his bare back. Though he couldn’t see his face, he knew Tarrlok’s face was a firm mask of disapproval. According to Tarrlok, Republic City’s criminal underground couldn’t be taken down by one insanely determined man.

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    drabble: lok

    Title: A quick chat
    Characters: Mako, Howl
    Summary: Howl has a talk with Mako. Post-finale. mini fill for this prompt

    “Yo, Moka!”

    “Get over here.”
    “Uh, my name’s Mako.”
    “Who really cares? What are you intentions toward Korra?”
    “What. Is that like your favorite word or are you slow? What. Are your. Intentions?”
    “I don’t see how that’s any of your concern.”
    “Check the uniform. Order of White Lotus and Avatar go hand in hand. My interest goes a little beyond that. See, I’ve known Korra since she was a bratty, little five year old with a smart mouth, and I’ve been with her until she’s grown into this smart mouth girl that’s occasionally bratty. She’s the little sister I never had. So if you ever treat her the way you did Asami when the next pretty, young thing walks by, I will shove my fist in your stomach and set your insides on fire. We clear, pal? Cool.”

    Oh, yeah

    Did anyone else forget about the bending triads and gangsters? The ones that were only important in, like, the first episode? Oh my word, why was there not more of them? They went and gave them names like Triple Threat Triads, Two Toed Ping, and then they all get thrown on a bus, never to be spoken of after what, the 3rd episode? We could have had a season full of Avatar mobsters! I feel cheated. I mean, I actually forgot about them.

    I'm not even gonna touch on Amon/Noatok and Tarrlok because I'll start going on for paragraphs that make little to no sense because, HOW COULD YOU JUST BLOW THEM UP LIKE THAT? WHYYYY!?

    But maybe next season they'll do something with the Avatar!Mafia. I know it's supposed to be about the Avatar and apparently Makorra which is the new age Zutara-made-canon but PLEASE! please please. Don't waste the mafia potential

    fic: cell block foxtrot

    Cell Block Foxtrot
    Prompt: Mistrust
    Bonus? Yes
    Word Count: 838
    Rating: T
    Original/Fandom: Legend of Korra
    Pairings (if any) maybe, not even if you really, really wanted it.
    Summary: Lin never imagined that 'Tarrlok' and 'cell mate' would include her. Post Episode 10 aka Lin's Defining Episode of Awesome

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