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fic: the old switch

Title: The Old Switch
Word Count: 333
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: Legend of Korra
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): AU. Based on this prompt 
Summary: Korra meets a new friend in Republic City.

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Korra was having a spiritual experience. Everything shone, from ceiling to floor, bright and golden. She couldn’t believe she was really here, and her smile must have looked completely goofy, but she just didn’t care. She was inside Republic City’s probending area.

It was the best five minutes of her life until…

“Hey! You! What are you doing, wandering around my gym? You think this is a tourist trap? Or what, you’re one of them googly-eyed, empty-headed bimbos trying to latch onto one of the players, ain’t ya? Well, let me tell you somethin’, missy…“

Korra opened her mouth several times to say something before she was kicked out, but he barely even hesitated for a breath before continuing to steam-roll her. She’d been brought up to respect her elders, but guys like him had always overridden that training, no matter the age.

“Relax, old man,” a deep, smooth voice slid between the man’s tirade. “She’s with me.”

Korra turned to see a boy her age striding through the door. He was wearing light-weight Water Tribe garb, and home flashed through her mind. He gestured for her to follow him out, and she did not flee from the snarling, old leopard-goat.

“Hey, thanks. I appreciate the save.”

“No problem. I’m Noatok by the way.”


He glanced sidelong. “Korra? Like Avatar?”

She threaded her fingers behind her back. “Exactly like.”

“Is this really your first time in the city?”

“This is practically my first time anywhere. I couldn’t resist coming to see a real, probending match in person! Then I, uh… got turned around trying to find the arena, and well, you saw.”

“You were going to sit in the tiers?”

“Isn’t…that where I’m supposed to sit?”

“As the Avatar and a Water Tribe sister, we could do so much better.”

“What do you mean?”

Noatok pushed open a door and ushered her through.  The cheering of the crowd roared, the arena was a beautiful thing below her, and she could have cried.

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