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April 2013



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fic: Cell Block One

  Title: Cell Block One
Summary: Sheppard has a talk with the prisoners. Drabble series #3
Character: John S, OCs
Words: 390

Imprisoned and wary, the group of three alternately paced, sat, and glared at the guards surrounding them. One of the two identical boys glanced about the room curiously and would occasionally poke the energy field between the bars of the cell. His twin watched the other’s masochistic behavior and was increasingly annoyed by it. When next he tried to touch it, the other punched him in the shoulder. He backhanded him, and the irked twin pulled his fist back then paused as he felt the woman’s disapproving look. They lowered their hands slowly.

Sheppard chose that moment to make his entrance, a limp barely perceptible in his stride. The dark-haired woman spun toward him just as quickly as she’d done to Ronon.

“What have you done to Marcel? I swear, if he is dead, I’ll kill you all myself! Your masters will not protect you, you son of a –“

“Whoa, whoa. Let’s take it down a notch,” he interjected, hands raised to mollification and using his best ‘I’m charming so you should listen to me’ voice. “Now, I’m Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard. I assume Lenic is the blond boy, who’s in the infirmary getting a couple of stiches. And you would be?”

The woman eyed him narrowly and replied shortly, “Bly.”

“Bly, nice to meet you. Now would you like to tell me why you attacked us?”

“Not you. The Satedan.”

“What makes you think he was Satedan?”

She touched her neck in the exact place of Ronon’s tattoo. “The last time we encountered Satedans, they tried to feed us to Wraith.”

“Wraith worshipping Satedans? If there were three, then we’ve dealt with them before. Two of them are dead. I can understand your overreaction though, can’t say I would have done better.”

“You’re Atlantian, aren’t you?” asked the teen who’d been poking the force shield. “This design looks like some Ancestral stuff we’ve seen before.”

Bly whirled to face one of the lounging, brunette teens, and the other pointed her attention to the correct one. “You couldn’t have mentioned that before?”

He scratched his shaggy, black hair and shrugged. She stared for a moment before shaking herself and turning back to Sheppard with a bright, somewhat sheepish smile.

“I think there might have been a small misunderstanding.”

Sheppard cocked a brow, amazed at the woman’s talent for understatement.