c3childs (c3childs) wrote,

1. Is there a Batman AU fic where Bruce is a criminal? I know there are alternate universes with the Justice Lords and the like, but I mean fanfiction. Because I cannot afford to buy comics.
If there is not, I might write something. (Yes, another new project that probably won't be completed in any definite way. 'Cause that's how I roll now.)

2. Also, because I'm a sap, I'm likely to write a fic for Jason where he's raised by his chop-shop working dad instead of his crackhead stepmother. Because that has to be a step up, right? Right?
I'm not sure how much is going to actually change after that (likely a lot since I don't really know the comics...like at all), but I'll figure something out.
Tags: fic: batman, fic: dcu, writing
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