c3childs (c3childs) wrote,

Challegne 26a

Title: when I was a child
Word Count: 105
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: Loki regresses.

Tony Stark had seen and done many fantastic things. He wasn’t sure what to call the sight of Thor sitting on a barstool, mouth hanging agape, Poptart dangling limply in his hand as the Thunderer stared at a small boy with dark hair and wide green, familiar eyes. Tony looked at Thor, to the boy, to the woman dressed like Xena with a distasteful look on her very pretty face.
“Sif, what magic is this? How has – what?”
“I don’t know. The Allfather fears for his safety in Asgard. You will protect him here.”
The boy glanced at Tony, and he felt his jaw drop.

Tags: character: loki, character: thor, character: tony s. (iron man), fic, fic: avengers, wip, writerverse - phase 3
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