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Talking 'bout doing something

There is a problem with trying to write convincingly intelligent character, characters that are arguably smarter than you and would know about all of these subjects that you barely having passing knowledge of. Loki is that. Not just as an Asgardian prince, but in a human setting, say as a teacher at Xavier's, he's obnoxiously brilliant in all matters and knows some 'established sciences' to be false or innacurate. 
Which is why I don't want him to teach chemistry, or maths or things like that because I am not good at those subjects; I can pass them, but sometimes I just don't understand. But Loki would, like he'd know how to lie and tell the truth in the same sentence that conveys five different meanings on several different emotional levels.
So what else would he teach? English, literature. He'd appreciate the play and use of words and be very sophisticated and pretentious about it.
I know obscure, useless things. Like, it takes twenty pounds of pressure to remove someone's ear, and grabbing a kid's ear to make them behave is a good way to rip it off. But scientific laws, and ideas on literature, and chemistry, history, and all of those things Loki would find interesting and excel at...not so much.

I did manage to find this GIF on tumblr though:)

And I should be writing an essay right now on anemia...and someone should write a fic re-doing the Legend of Korra.
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