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drabble - linroh

Iroh had grown up with tales of his namesake from his grandfather and mother. His mother only had memories of him from the view of a child, and remembered a sweet, old man who was always trying to get her to drink tea. Grandfather Zuko had told him stories of a wise general, a loving uncle, and a fierce tea maker.

He'd also, in a half-mortified way when prompted by Grandmother, told him of Iroh the Elder's exploits as something of a lady's man, even in his golden years. It was a talent and skill that Grandfather claimed he never mastered, and Grandmother would agree.

It was a talent that seemed to have skipped the young general as well. He stood before Lin, awaiting an answer to his sincere request. Lin, who stared at him evenly, giving nothing away. Iroh willed himself not to fidget.

"I'm sorry. What?"

"I asked if you would like to do an activity together?"

Lin blinked. Iroh, face straight, silently cursed Uncle Sokka's spirit. He should have known better than to believe that line actually -

"All right. As long as the activity is dinner."


"Really? I mean, really excellent."

Her lips quirked up. Iroh, already smiling in relief, internally exalted at that small victory. He may not be as smooth as the Legendary Iroh with the ladies, but he had the one that he wanted.

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