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fic: typical week

Title: Typical Week
Prompt: all of them
Word Count: 540
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Summary: Every day has its own story.

1.       Giggle

Though she jokes and mocks for her amusement, June rarely laughs, and her smiles are always too sharp.

.    Order

June was rebellious out of principle of the fact that she was a woman who did a man’s job, and submissive didn’t fit into the idea of a proper bounty hunter at all which was fine because it wasn’t really a part of her personality.

3.    Underworld

The rich use their money to remove themselves from the dark places that June crawls through on a daily basis, the filth never touches them, and that, she supposes, is a little bit why she resents them so much.

4.    Cowboys (or cowgirl)

June’s father was murdered by a gang of six bandits in retaliation for capturing their leader, and there are six black slashes tattooed on her left wrist.

5.    Firefly

The town’s annual Firefly Festival was a time for lovers and laughter, family and friends and happiness whereas June usually spent it drinking saki at her father’s graveside.

6.    Role models

While June’s father had been a bounty hunter, one of her uncles was a pirate, the other was a baker, another one is dead, an aunt operated a brothel out of a former Air Nomad outpost, and her grandmother is a fox demon obsessed with copulating with Earth Kingdom men so she figures that she went with the right profession.

7.    Compass

June really does have a terrible sense of direction but has always been talented at finding lost things, and is delighted to find a riverboat casino.

8.    Casino

Down five hundred gold pieces and Nyla’s saddle, June was beginning to consider that she had a problem.

9.    Proposition

June hadn’t intended to resort to cheating, but she also didn’t intend to give up her saddle, and she definitely hadn’t intended to get caught, but none of that got her out of the brig. 

10. Pirates

Held in the ship’s brig, June heard the shouts of a battle on deck, the splintering of wood and boom of canons, and the footsteps that thundered down the stairs and the crash of the door being kicked open as the fabulously hatted captain strode through the door; she smiled and said, “Hello, uncle.”

11. Friendship

Rather than friends, June has associates that ranked as either expendable or irreplaceable, liability or asset, hostile or friendly, enemy or ally, and in a category all its own was relatives.

12. Countdown

June had noticed a pattern when it came to her Fire Nation jobs, and that was that they always came when she was experiencing a dry spell, steadily getting low on funds, and not entirely sober.

13. Lawyer

Before agreeing to Fire Lord Zuko’s deal, June had a justice clerk write up a contract that would guarantee her payment and reimbursement for any unforeseen expenses and emotional distress that comes hand-in-hand in working for him.

14. Snow

The horribly, deceptive thing about the Fire Nation was that it made one think it was a summer paradise all of the time, until one unstable, recently institutional-escaped princess decides to head for the mountain tops, this particular one still capped with snow, and June just had not packed for that kind of weather.

15. Daybreak

Firebenders rose with the sun which was just annoying when June was awakened just after the crack of dawn by searing blue fire far too close to her face.

Tags: character: jun/june, fic, fic: atla, writerverse, writerverse - phase 3
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